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Family SabbaticalEvery trip away together as a family is an experience—an experience in relationships, in learning, in adapting, and growing.  A Family Sabbatical takes that idea of a trip away together or vacation, to a whole new level.  The idea of sabbatical means taking time away from one’s regular pursuits (job, schedule, etc.) to engage in rest, research or interests that rarely get attention. Add FAMILY to SABBATICAL and you get opportunities for everyone in the family to engage with the world outside of its usual format for an extended period of time. It can allow for great personal and family challenges, new language acquisition, intellectual and spiritual growth, and discovering FUN again.

There are so many ways to do a family sabbatical! At ChildTours, a family sabbatical is always designed to fit a family’s particular characteristics, desires, needs and habits. ChildTours’ understanding the academic curricula of our schools, combined with our travel experience with children makes us uniquely qualified to help you plan any kind of family sabbatical.

Some possibilities are:
1—Home away from home.  Move to a new place for a fixed period of time where children enroll in local schools and you live in one culture while perhaps visiting other places within the area.

2—Curriculum Based/Home schooling. Travel and explore as a family, and experience school curriculum—history, language, and culture—at the source.

3—Summer with no work. Rent a house and live someplace new for the summer. Take a language program as a family and explore a new culture.

ChildTours takes the trouble out of organizing your experience. We research and organize, suggest and suggest some more. Bring us your ideas and we’ll share ours to make your trip the most memorable experience possible. Click here to view our travel guide plan

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