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1—Help you decide where to go: this is determined by so many factors not least of which is how long you are going for and what you want to do, what your children are studying in school and how it can relate to how you will make your trip

2—Get to know you and your family: ages and interests of children, school needs and curricula; get to know you as parents and travelers and what you would like to see shape your trip; help you to understand how you can best travel together

3—Plan all of your travel:
Research home-stays or rentals
Make hotel bookings
Recommend and reserve restaurants, chefs, etc.
Organize tour bookings
Create or suggest special experiences particular to your family’s interests
Arrange for language training beforehand
Research and book flights
Research special cultural events during your stay
Purchase/recommend/create relevant travel materials (guide books, maps, cultural books, reading lists)
Provide both paper and portable digital records of your travel plans and travel information (recent articles, special suggestions)

4—Have Regular meetings with your family to make decisions about all of the above, in person or by phone

5—Keep track of all travel arrangements while you are gone and notify you of any changes or interesting possibilities that come up

6—Create a Detailed and workable calendar of all travel bookings, including hotels, tour itineraries, confirmation numbers, shows, restaurant reservations

7—Keep track of all travel arrangements while you are gone and notify you of any changes or interesting possibilities that come up

Order our customized products:

8—KidSpeak™ dictionary in each of the languages that your children may come across that covers some of the basic terms for meeting friends, ordering food and conducting basic tasks in different cultures (remember: expect your children to be able to say some things but not understand what
comes back at them J)

9—KidLinx™ connects your children to pertinent web sites (parent approved) that they can access before and during your trip (with your permission) to read about the histories and cultures they will be experiencing

9—ChildGuide a custom travel guide for kids to read, including activities, history, pictures, and stories geared to them - see Resources for Ordering Online.

Contact our sister company, Sonnet & Vine, for epicurean travel arrangements that do not include children.
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